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Fathers Days Visit via Hwy 49, Ben Hur and Hornitos

June 18, 2016

It was time for a visit to the folks in Merced for a Fathers Day visit.

I took the short route, Hwy 132 to Coulterville, Hwy 49 to Mariposa, Triangle Road to Oakhurst, Ben Hur back to Mariposa, then to Hornitos, thorugh Snelling an into the metropolis of Merced.

As I took off on my loosely planned little trip, it was mentioned to me at the gas station that good ol' Pres Obama was visiting Yosemite. Well, huh. Did not know that. Either that meant the roads would be ridiculously busy and suck, of the world would avoid Yosemite that weekend and the roads we be awesome.

Turns out, people avoided what would be an even messier logisitics cluster than Yosemite is on a normal summer weekend day, and avoided the place and all its extra restrictions and bruhaha surrounding an Obama vaca. The roads were lightly travelled.

Hwy 49 was the exciting twisty rollercoaster it always is. Triangle Rd, while an enjoyable ride is getting a touch rough in places, but still worth a ride now and then.

Some pizza and relaxing in Oakhurst, then jaunt on down to Coarsegold with a transition to Raymond Rd and a rolling hills ride through horse country to Raymond CA - all 1 feed store, 1 market and 1 bar/restaurant of it.

From there it's a twisty empty two lane back to Mariposa from rolling hills to foot hills to low mountains. People that live in the rolling hills always access via Raymond. Those live in the low mountains always access via Mariposa. Almost no-one lives in the foothill section so the road is hardly traveled. That foothill section has potholes and lousy patches from probably the 50's. It's scenic but just plains beats you to death. I ride it once every couple of years just cause.

Once back in Mariposa crusied over to Bear Valley Rd for lonely back road drive to Hornitos. Then following Hornitos road to Snelling and finally on in to Merced for family stuff.

Good day of different types of road, great weather and not traffic.


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