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July 11, 2015

I decided my new Metallic Spark Black Concours needed to be more black (blacked out) or less black (add some highlights). Adding color seemed to be a easier change and doable before my big Texas trip.

Figured out a simple design. Thought about yellow for a bumblebee look. Nah. Charcoal gray for subtle. Nah. Ooh, metallic, gold? Nah. Copper. Yea, Copper!

So Copper it is. Taped up the stuff that was gonna stay as is. Layed down two coats of medium gray. Put three coats of Copper over the medium gray.

Note, the copper is semi tansparent with flakes in it - the base color has a big effect on the final copper look - white looks highly brushed and polished, gray looks like fresh natual metal and black gives it an older worn antique look - check out a buch of pennies, new toold, to see what I mean.

The fender need one more coat as you can "see" some of the gray underneath.

Overall happ with the result. Look at some of the rides after the paint job to see more of the results.

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