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Del Puerto Road to Milnes Road to Tesla Rd

June 15, 2016

I headed out to ride Del Puerto Rd, then past Mt. Hamilton observatory and on to the Santa Cruz mountains near Ben Lomand. I planned to scaout for some good places to hold RTE's or Eat & Greet's.

Del Puerto from Patterson to the junction is in terrible share. Giant potholes, gravel in many corners and truck "rubs" and asphalt slide everywhere. Beat me to death and took all the fun out of the run.

And the temperature, what the heck. 52 degrees near the junction with me in a mesh and tshirt. Very weird for June 15th. I figured it would be even cooler on Mt. Hamilton and up in Ben Lamond - forget that.

So when I hit the junction, instead of a left for the Mount - I chose right. Milnes Road, I nice twisty deserted run over to Livermore. Milnes was in much better shape and empty of traffic. It was all the fun that Del Puerto was not.

After a good ride and some pics, I headed back east via Tesla Rd past Lawernce Livermore and then up to Tracy for a Nations cheesburger with an egg on it and a side of hash browns. One of my favorite road meals.

Then slab back to home. Nice little brak for life on a Wednesday.


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