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Mt Hamilton, the Lick Observatory and Henry Coe State Park

Thursday. August 13, 2015

On the 2 month "birthday" for the Concours, I headed out Del Puerto Canyon Road from Patterson. This is a great fun road, but currently could use some resurfacing as it beat me to death. When it met 130, turns out they had just layed down new oiled gravel all the way to the observatory. Kinds took some fun out of this long ride of twisties. It wasn't too slippery, but didn't want to push it to hard.

This San Jose side of 130 was a fun as ever. Foothills of twisties! Before getting into San Jose I headed south on San Filepe Road to stay outta town and in the foothills, transitioning to Metcalf Rd and riding past the Metcalf Motorcycle Riding Park (wrong motorocyle for that fun)

The next step was Dunne Rd past the hidden Anderson Lake and up to the northern entrance of Henry W Coe State Park. It's nicely kept road that snakes back into the depths of the costal range with lots of oaks and meadows (all brown in our drought). Half way to Coe it narrows down to a single lane. Gotta watch for those opposite direction cages.

Took a small break at the entrance to Coe, enjoyed the shade of a beautiful big oak tree. Then started back the way I came as there is really only one route out.

Just a couple minutes after heading down, I looked across a canyon and up to the next ridge and saw a small puff of white smoke. Oh oh. I stopped and watched as it grew really fast to a real blaze. Tried to make a call but I had no cell service. I snapped a few quick photos and they boogie on to civilization to get cell service. Stpped after a couple miles, still nada. Started trying to keep a general eye on the ridge with the fire. Before I stopped again, I notice two planes start circliing the fire, so no need for my call.

Eventually, passed a number of emergency vehicles heading up the road I was coming down - all lights and sirens. As I came up to one corner tight corner I suddenly see the tractor of an eighteen wheeler coming waaayyy wide. Put my ABS breaks to work and got stopped. Geez. I rolled back down the incline a bit and let the fire flatbed with a huge bulldozer make the corner first.

Finished out the ride watching the ariel ballet above the fire as I rode along the base of the mountains heading for Hwy 152 and the route home.

Enjoyable ride with a extra little excitement.

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