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2015 Concours 14 - My dream bike

June 13, 2015

Ever since I rented a 2009 Concours 14 in 2010 for a test adventure to Phoenix and back - I've wanted my own Concours 14.

Fast, reliable and in my opinion, a good looking bike. It took a while to finally make it happen, but the 2015 Metallic Black Spark is finally mine.

On June 13, 2015 I caught a ride down to Modesto Honda Kawasaki to pickup my new Concours 14. I rode it straight from their shop into the hills east of Modesto. On her very first day she climded New Preist Grade to a nice lunch in Groveland. Then down through Greely Hill. I hit the 100 mile mark on day one while on a tree lined lonely road just outside of Yosemite. Nice.

I then headed into Coutlterville for some photos with old buildings. Finishing up with a sedate ride (because of the break in) down the 132 to home.

I nice scenic ride at break in speeds for a very first day with the new Concours 14.

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