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SacCOG ? COG Ride the Sierra in 2016

June 11, 2016

It started with a good breakfast at Kim's CC in Lincoln. Tasty big portions all around. FTB530... glad you could join us for at least a little convo and chow.

Off in to the meandering rural roads of the foothills with 8 participants on 7 bikes. Plenty nice tree lined roads zig-zagging gradually leading upwards to the Sierras.

After transitioning to the mountains from the foothills and the road changes that go with it, we made a short stop in Downieville, a quaint little place in Sierra County on the Yuba River.

We continued to ride the beautiful and fun roads of the Sierras with all their twists, sweeps and ups & downs. We did make one more unplanned stop... we had stop and go back to get the smart phone belonging to our glorious leader after watching it bounce out of it's handlebar holder and bounce down the tarmac. Still turned on, no broken glass. Tough.

After a few laps around a couple of different roundabouts in Truckee, which I think was just leader DumbA$$ messing with us (not), we arrived at Full Belly Deli for more food. My sandwich was awesome along with craft brewed Rootbeer. Tim appeared to be resigned to the normallacy of his sandwich being over mustardized as I guess this is a common occurrence in his culinary life, much to the amusement of his daughter (who joined the ride as passenger, on her birthday no less, Happy Birthday E).

Then back on the road, Donner Pass Blvd to be exact. More curves more elevation changes (it is the mountains after all) on our way back down Auburn where we waived goodbye as we broke off one by one for home.

I love to ride motorcycles and it's a great experience to share with like minded folks.

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