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COG's 2015 Fall NWR/SWR Combined Rally in Yreka, CA

Day 1 Photos

This little adventure started with a long, hot and rather boring ride up to Yreka, CA. All of us coming north were thrilled with the 108 degrees in Redding.

Upon arrival I let a lot of awesome people and immediately was immersed in ride and tech talk. Along with a lot of re-hydration efforts on everyones part (not sure all the liquids were chosen for the re-hydration properties though).

My C14 being relatively new (June 2015) and pretty much stock (the main important upgrade being a set of Pilot 4 GT's which I really like) I was quickly helped out with lists of what I needed to change for performance and appearance reasons. I saw the farkle $$ racking up as the pointing and explanations continued. Thanks to those contributing to mychange/upgrade list - you know who you are - I'm looking for a second job right now to get the credit level to take out the loans needed to start the farkling.

Friday continued on with plenty a revelry. Not sure exactly when it happened, but suddenly everything was quiet, the motorcycles were buttoned up for the night and riders went off to get some sleep for the next days adventures.

In the morning groups and riders headed in every direction - to Lassen, to Crater Lake, to ride 299 and 36 - and some even spent the day in rider fellowship at the motel.

My choice was to ride some of the smaller, less traveled roads as I've done 36, 299 and Lassen before. A couple of us took 3 to Elba and then sidelined off to Sawyer Bar Road. This was the first leg of a path that threaded it's way through the mountains between 3 and 96, and included several ascents and descents of the range and often following the upper reaches and tributaries of rivers like the Salmon.
The road was in pretty good shape and was mainly all relatively wide single lane through a beautiful mix of pines and leaves.

Fork of Salmon - about the midpoint of these small back roads - this is where the transition to Salmon River Rd (93), closely following the Salmon River and cliffs. All leading to Somes Bar and Hwy 96.

Then popped up on the 96 at where I ate a lunch of beef jerky, Doritios and a Gatorade from the little store.  Finished up the day with a brisk run up the 96 back to Yreka. A wonderful road in both condition and design that had almost no traffic on it. :great:

Finished up Saturday hanging out with a bunch of cool folks talking animatedly about their rides and adventures that day. Plenty of tech talk too. We gathered for awards, thanks and raffles. Followed by a face stuffing session at Casa Ramos. Then back to "re-hydration" and bullspeak sessions.
[img ]http://wanderingbackroads.com/reports/yreka/day1/main/1443505481_1.jpg[/img]

By the time I drug my butt out of bed and went down for the "continental" breakfast, there were like 4 motorcycles left in the parking lot and no riders. The majority had blown out for home by 9am.  By the time I ate my muffin and was ready to gear up for some riding. There were two Concoursi left in the lot - my black 2015 and Barry of Montana's green 2015.  Neither of us was heading home or in a rush so... let's ride.

We started with a very spirited ride down the 96 to Willows Creek for a pretty darn good pizza there. 299 to the coast which included some fun with a couple of pretty fast late model, nice sounding Mustangs. Then up the coast to see the Redwoods.

Different but the same

Took 199 from Crescent City to Grant's Pass by default - and turned out to be a nice enjoyable road. At a fork in the 199, Barry broke off toward Grant's Pass and I back towards Yreka (poor planning on my part).

That rapped up the COG SW/NW Combined for us.

Thanks Barry for a great Sunday ride.

Got back to the motel in cool darkness, and spent the evening preping for the first day of my solo Northwest trip.

Google Map of Roads for this p

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